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the spirit creates through mind & body

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New Goodies on PhoenixFireDesigns shop! Apr. 7th, 2011 @ 10:44 am
Some new pieces added recently! Some examples...

Sterling Silver Tree in March's Birthstone, Aquamarine

Sterling Silver Tree in February's Birthstone, Amethyst

Sterling Silver Tree in White Topaz (alternative for April's birthstone, diamond)

Peacock Feather in Miniature Apothecary Glass Bottle

And many more now available in the storefront!

And, as always custom orders welcome!

Updates and New Pieces! Mar. 16th, 2011 @ 02:13 pm
I've been doing some updates on my etsy shop and I wanted to share some of the new creations!

I've got an amazing Citrine piece, a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind Garnet briolette piece, a very popular new Aquamarine pendant (March's birthstone!), some new chain mail pendants and more! If you haven't checked out my etsy shop in awhile you should take a look around again!


And, as always, custom orders are GLADLY accepted. Also check out the PhoenixFire Designs blog for updates, custom orders and more!

New Chain Mail Pendants Feb. 24th, 2011 @ 04:01 pm
I'm still pretty new to chain mail but I wanted to show off the two pendants I recently made since I'm really proud of how they came out.

Both are the "Stepping Stones" pattern. One is in all silver; the other a mix of silver and rainbow. I made the silver one first then realized the rainbow would be perfect in this pattern. I thought it'd be a really nice pride/equality piece. This pattern is very labor intensive but creates stunning results!

First up, silver:

Silver Stepping Stone Chain Mail Pendant Necklace

Next, rainbow:

Rainbow Silver Stepping Stone Chain Mail Pendant Necklace

Both are hung on an 18" sterling silver chain and ready for wear. They are both in my etsy shop right now.

Newest Listings! Jan. 26th, 2011 @ 09:22 pm
I've listed a few new pieces the last couple days on my esty storefront and I wanted to share them. Two are returns of popular pieces which sold out and the third is a new piece featuring the most stunning color gemstone.

First, up, a return of my Apple Tree!
(Tree of Life Pendant with Peridot and Ruby Gemstones in Brown Wire)

Next, a return of my Peacock Feather in Bottle Necklace!
(Peacock Feather In Miniature Apothecary Glass Bottle on Chain)

And last but not least, a new piece - Summer Tree!
(Summer Tree - Rich Emerald Green Tree of Life Pendant in Dark Green Aventurine Gemstone in Brown and Copper Wire)

All three are available my esty storefront right now! As always, I also gladly take custom orders!

Last call for Christmas Delivery!! Dec. 19th, 2010 @ 11:59 am
Monday is the last day for First Class shipping to arrive by Christmas! Order today and your US order will arrive for Christmas and ship for $1!


Can't decide? Outside the US? Not sure the size or color preferences? You can now pick up a last-minute Gift Card as well! Available with free instant email delivery.

$25 Gift Certificate - or - $50 Gift Certificate
(Need more than one? Need a different amount? Just let me know and I'll make a custom listing for you!)

Thank you to everyone for your continued support!
Other entries
» Personalized Sterling Silver Pendant - A perfect gift for under $25!
A bird's nest has a lot of symbolic meaning including protection of the young and nurturing new generation and life. A nest is a home and a shelter and a Mother bird dedicates herself to the protection of her precious eggs. This process is celebrated in this piece.

Sterling silver plated wire that is treated to prevent tarnishing is woven to form the nest shape and glass pearls in your choice of color(s) are nestled safely within.

Available for purchase here!

You can choose between 2 and 4 pearl colors in any combination you would like. The first example shows April, May and August and represents my sister, myself and my Mom. The second is a customer's selection and features March, April, October and December.

Ideas for choice? Children's birthstones, grandkids, siblings, parents, friends - any combination that is special to you. Would even make a remembrance or memorial piece for loved ones who have passed.

Plus, your order ships for only $1 in the US!

*Please Note: As glass pearls are completely man-man, they are 100% vegetarian/vegan friendly and a great alternative for those who prefer cruelty-free jewelry options.

Bird Nest Birthstone Pendants HERE and Tree of Life Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets and more also available in the storefront!
» Sleep in on Black Friday
Who needs 2am alarm clocks, crowds, angry mobs and one-per-store teaser deals? Shop from the comfort of your own home ANY time day or night! Give the gift of original, handmade jewelry this season!


Heck, you can even shop in your PJ's. I won't mind.
» Newest items, personalized options and $1 shipping sale!
There's something for everyone on your holiday shopping list! And custom orders gladly accepted!


» Two new Tree of Life Pendants available!
Rich Autumn Inspired Hessonite Garnet Tree of Life Pendant in Brown and Copper Wire
The warm, rich colors of Autumn are celebrated in this one-of-a-kind Hessonite Garnet gemstone Tree of Life pendant. Set in a chocolate brown square frame, copper wire is used as the roots, trunk and branches of the piece.

Garnet comes in various color groups. This piece uses Hessonite Garnet which is in the grossularite group. It ranges from honey-yellow, through orange-brown and into brown-red at it’s deepest colors. Hessonite Garnet is nicknamed, “Cinnamon Stone” due to this lovely color variety.

THIS PIECE IS ONE OF A KIND. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of this beautiful Hessonite Garnet and made this but I don’t have any left so it’s a one shot creation. Whether as a gift, or for yourself, this, unique, signature piece would be a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

Available For Purchase Here

... and ....
Under A Full Moon - Tree of Life Pendant in Silver Wire with White Pearl Shell (Winter)
Every time I list one of these pieces, they sell out pretty quick. One thing or another has kept me from making another one so for months now, it’s not been available on the shop. But today finally there’s a new one listed!

“Under A Full Moon” is a unique take on the popular Tree of Life pendants I’m famous for. There are no “leaves” in this piece. Instead, it celebrates bare branches of a tree against a night sky.

Available for Purchase Here

Don't forget, the holidays are getting VERY close now! Why not get something unique, handcrafted and beautiful this year? We gladly accept custom orders and custom quantities so if you have an idea for something unique, just ask!

Keep your eye on The Etsy Storefront for new listings and the PhoenixFire Designs' Blog for custom orders and other unique creations!

Thank you for your continued support!
» 1, 2, 3 Sale!
All jewelry ships for $1 total S&H to the US, $2 to Canada and $3 World-wide - no matter how much you purchase!

Check out the new items such as the Swarovski Crystal Dangle Necklaces, 14k Gold Earrings, and more! We gladly do custom orders and custom quantities! Shop with confidence with our 100% positive feedback.


It's never too early to start your Holiday shopping! We're only 65 days away from Christmas!
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