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About PhoenixFire Designs Shop Update

Previous Entry PhoenixFire Designs Shop Update Jul. 13th, 2011 @ 06:52 pm Next Entry
Well, we're about 7 weeks into this unpaid medical leave bit and I'm getting nervous about the ever-decreasing balance in my account. I've been trying to get new items listed inbetween medication side effects, a/c failures and doctor's appointments so I thought I'd profile some of the newer items and available items to help drum up sales and attention to the shop.

All these and many more available in the shop. Remember, I also gladly accept custom orders too! If you have an idea for something or like something but want it changed or something that has previously sold, drop me a note. I'm happy to discuss options with you!

I'd also appreciate anyone passing on my shop link too since the more it gets out there, the more likely I will get sales. More in the works too so keep checking back.

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